Sunday, June 24, 2007


As part of my ongoing efforts to extend my Artistic talents, today I decided to attempt some landscape work. Images of local sights and scenes will surely sell well. I felt reluctant about going out of doors on a Sunday in case any religious types took offence at my failure to respect the Sabbath, so I searched the computer for photographs of Dundee landmarks that I might copy.

I found this image of the Tay Bridge:

I discovered that there might be problems in using this image because the 'C' stands for 'Copy Right', an imperative meaning that whoever uses this image for their own purposes must do their very best to copy it correctly, i.e., 'copy' it 'right'. Thus, before embarking on this project, I realised I would have to respect the photographer's wishes by copying his photograph right.

To this end, I believe I have done an excellent job. Here is my drawing of the Tay Bridge, which I have entitled, 'Tay Bridge':

Doubtless, the original photographer will be delighted when he views my drawing and sees what an admirable job I have done in copying his picture right. Readers, if anyone among you appreciates Art and would like to buy the drawing, it is yours for £5.00.


Anita said...

very well done :) i am impressed

Groanin' Jock said...

You, Sir, are an artistic genius, and I commend your abilites most highly. I think Dundee is somewhat lacking in insane artistic geniuses (or is it genii, or even geniuii, I can never remember) and I hope that your talent is given the recognition it so richly deserves. Don't hide your light under a bushel (or smashed-up phonebox, which are far more plentiful in Dundee than bushels).