Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The punctuation seems to have disappeared now, as I can no longer remember anything about it. I fear that this misrecollection may only be temporary, that I have somehow suppressed it through unendurable horror, and that it will make one day announce itself again and embarrass me.

I have decided that I need to begin eating again, as I have eschewed the practise for too long. I have heard that the fashionable gentlewomen of Paris forego eating, so I sought to mimic them in an effort to appear like a dandy. Today I have embraced the tenets of communism and elected instead to portray myself as a common man. Therefore, I must shovel food down my gullet as though there were no tomorrow.

There was no food in the kitchen, but I discovered a great many toadstools in the bathroom, which I attribute to the uncanny homunculus that plagued me several weeks ago. The toadstools were inviting, though odd. Brlliant white spots cover their shiny green heads, and an underdeveloped set of eyes appear upon their stalks. They radiate a sense of awe, and I felt drawn to consume them.

I ate 25, and feel somehow immortal.

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