Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Message to my Lady Love, My Dove

Today found me melancholy. I spent almost all of this sabbath fixating unhealthily once more on Carol Doocot, my true love, who awaits my safe return on the outside. Doubtless she is reading these words, her eyes jewelled with tears, her lip a'quiver, anxious for my well-being. Carol, I will soon be with ye (you), for on Wednesday I mean to make my escape.

I am certain you have good reasons for visiting me not once during my incarceration and I look forward to hearing about them when I flee this place.


Bill said...

Horton, I offer saluations.

I 'Stumbled' you the other day. I wonder if you have noticed a corresponding enhancement in your global repute?


Bill, I send my sincerest thanks to you for your kindness. My readership has soared from 20 readers per day to 24 readers per day. Curiously, the additional four readers all seem to live in Canada, though I don't suppose they can help that.