Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eight Facts About Me

Readers, soon I will tell you about my traumatic experience at an art class, but in today's entry I must indulge a brief digression. I was recently 'tagged' by an internet entity who told me that I must share with my readership eight facts about my miserable life. Though I cannot be sure, I believe it to be a legal requirement that I share these facts or else risk the gaol. At any rate, I have researched the internet cobweb and discovered that this practice of writing eight facts about one's life is something of a fad on electronic diaries at present, so I think that if I go along with this, it will make me more popular.

Eight Interesting Facts about the Life of Horton Carew.

1. I am a male person.
2. As a youth, I once caught a crab at Lunan Bay, which I christened Mortimer.
3. I have never committed a murder of a man.
4. I have two permanent diseases.
5. In the past, I have feigned an allergy to brine in order to impress a bully.
6. I once appeared in an episode of To the Manor Born.
7. My favourite food is lovely.
8. A childhood accident involving a calliper has left me unable to correctly pronounce 'Cincinnati', 'plinth', and similar words.


Inoffensive_fellow_blogger said...

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Jack said...

Ah, I see that you have been "tagged" as well, my friend. A disturbing business indeed.


Hello Jack,

Yes, I too have been 'tagged'. I firmly believe that if we had failed to acknowledge the tagging, we might have upset the internet people who have knowledge of viruses and the like, so I remain convinced that we made the correct decision to humour the demands of the tagger.

I will moniter the situation closely however and get back to you if anything untoward happens as a result of this tagging.

Best wishes,
Horton Carew