Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tempted by Evilness

I have spent the last few days fretting over a moral conundrum. My dead mother, through the vessel of the little scottie dog from Monopoly, has beleaguered me with constant glorification of the evil way of life. She never stops telling me of the benefits of being evil and embracing the dark side of one's nature. She urges me to eat of the evil crystals in the fridge and join her in being wicked.

"Give in to your evil side," she says. "It is a lovely life. You can laugh at cripples without any guilt."

You see how she tempts me? She promises we can be evil together and embark on a reign of terror, which sounds nice. Intuitively, I know I should not give in to this, no matter how enticing my mother makes evil out to be.

I hope I am strong enough to resist. Won't somebody help me?

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