Thursday, February 01, 2007

Testing my Theory

I am almost ready to go public with my theory regarding the little scottie dog from Monopoly and my dear late mother. It is a crazy theory and one that will never be accepted by today's scientists or even by my own devoted readership which consists principally of gypsies and dwarves. It will shock you to the very core of your being.

Today saw me placing a rubber quoit adjacent to the dog and recording the results in a jotter. Those results augment my theory nicely, but I will refrain from sharing them.

I also took the dog to Debenham's hosiery section and observed its reactions, which fell pat as I assumed. Again though, I will not report the nature of my findings.

Finally, I briefly opened the hatch to my basement and held the dog above it. After clearing up the ensuing mess and arranging to have my perforated eardrum fixed, I am satisfied that my conclusions concerning this strange little dog are correct.

The implications are terrifying.


Wilf said...

Have you ever seen the work of Glen Baxter? I feel he is your spiritual twin.
I am agog to know your conclusions to the scottie conundrum.

Wilf said...

Your silence makes me worry that some further experiment has gone horribly wrong.