Monday, March 06, 2006

The Folly of Punctuation.

The new punctuation, when placed upon a page, is more monstrous than I would have imagined possible. The chief evil of the glabback lies in it[insert glabback]s gargantuan size - it is approximately 500 times larger than a common full stop, and quite ruins the natural flow of a sentence, and crushes nearby letters. It is an enormous chore to draw it every time, and wastes a great deal of indian ink.

The hurd-glabback is approximately 2000 times smaller than a common full stop, and invisible to the naked eye. All books and newspapers will have to be read with the aid of a powerful microscope. This is wicked folly.

I have buried all today's writing in the back garden, for it provides painful proof of the devlish punctuation, and I check every hour to see if it has rotted away. It has yet to decompose. I must think of this no more, and strive to forget my sins. Through this, it will be as though the sins never existed to haunt me in my waking hours.

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