Friday, September 15, 2006

A Brief Interlude to Request Information

I will continue the account of my recent adventures shortly. Before I do so, I would like to appeal to any devotees of the programme Neighbours to fill me in on certain episodes I missed while I was held hostage in a cell and enleashed ('restrained in a leash'). Yesternight I heard some men in the radio making mention of an event in Australia involving one of my favourite characters (pictured):

From what the men in the radio said, I gather he has committed some sort of a murder on the high seas and that Crocodile Dundee was the victim. Watching today's episode of Neighbours however, none of the other characters made reference to the murder and the creators preferred to focus on a plot involving Karl and Susan rescuing a lamb from a snake and rescuing Karl's geriatric father from himself. Thus I am confused. Did Scott Timmins do a murder while I was away? If so, I am disappointed - it is completely out of character! The worst behaviour I'd expect from that scamp would be a certain amount of cheekiness and some very barbed comments, or perhaps the puncturing of Harold Bishop's pomp. But no murderer he!

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Anonymous said...

You fool. Steve Irwin (not Crocodile Dundee!) was killed by a stingray! Stingray from Neighbours has nothing to do with it. You are an idiot.