Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Demonstration

Now gentle readers, I come to the nub of the matter: Bossert's 'ultimate puzzle' and my involvement in it. No doubt you are wondering through what marvellous ways all the preceeding story threads will come to be unified in a final, gloriously coherent denoument. How, you are asking, does Horton fit into all of this? Why has Bossert targetted him, a lowly Dundonian? Has Horton forgotten about all that earlier stuff with the ants? And the souls of ants and so on? You are wondering how all these things will be satisfactorily interwoven and explained, or if indeed they ever can be. You doubt my ability to relate the remainder of the story without leaving dozens of plot strands dangling freely in the breeze.

For shame! This little revelation only goes to prove that my readership has no faith in my abilities as a teller of tales. I've long suspected my readership to be predominantly made up of gypsies, and this affront only serves to confirm it. Well, I will not tarry here to be insulted. Good day to you!

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