Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back to a Sensible Length

I must confess that although my new techniques to attract more readers to my diary has succeeded in that I now have an average of 14 readers each day instead of 10, I am unhappy with what I have become.

I have allowed myself to become seduced by the lure of possibily gaining more than 20 readers per day and entering into the big leagues. You start to think you can dip your toes into the modes of populist trash yet maintain your credibility and integrity. You start to think that you can get away with producing inferior products, and that your core fan base will indulge you such slips because they are convinced of your genius. You start to forget your true fans, and just write for the idiots. You start to think you can just post up pictures of Charlie Chalk and Martin Short for your readers to goggle at. Before you know it, your electronic diary is just a collection of links to other people's work. Before you know it, you are weeping into your lap, longing for the days when you were respected by the literary community and were berated on Late Review by Tom Paulin. Before you know it you are disgusted with yourself. Before you know it you are standing in the new Marks and Spencers in Broughty Ferry, drunk on fortified wine, your trousers on your head and your pain-contorted face slicked with aspic from three dozen purloined Melton Mowbrays.

When the police finally let me go with a caution, I returned home and vowed never again to cater to the lowest common denominator: from now on, my diary entries will revert to their usual level of intelligence. I am now going for a Radox herbal bath.


Wilf said...

But do not forget the monkeys.

Lord Garfunkel of Ballyesmond said...

I say Horton old boy, you've been gone rather a long time. I jolly well hope you haven't fallen down the plughole of our relaxing radox bath eh?

Jack said...

Horton, you are deeply missed. Please return to us soon.

kennie pome said...

Yes, what's happened to you? Hope my interviews haven't put you off writing too much! Maybe my questions have caused you to navel-gaze so much that you've disappeared up you're own arse at last! ;)
Get back to the writing! You are missed!

Lord Garfunkel of Ballyosford said...

May I add, that when in my previous comment I referred to 'our bath', this was simply a dreadful typographical error on my behalf.

Of course I meant to say 'your bath'. I in no way meant to suggest that any sharing of bath or bathwater took place in any conceivable capacity. I do hope that clears things up.