Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Meeting with the Postgraduate Kennie Pome

The meeting with the postgraduate Kennie Pome was a success - I earned £5.00 for only 20 minutes worth of work. We met in a sophisticated coffee house called 'Starbucks', the interior design of which was perfectly suited to our great meeting of minds. If any of my readers is a member of the intelligentsia and is ever in Dundee and in need of coffee, I can recommend this 'Starbucks' place highly. It is a real shame that you should all be deprived of access to this delighful shop just because you do not live in Dundee. If only there was some way to duplicate it and place up to seven of them in every town in the world, then you would all be able to enjoy it like me.

The postgraduate Kennie Pome introduced himself to me as Kennie Pome, postgraduate. He bought a couple of coffees and two lemon muffins for the total cost of £12.40, which may sound expensive but when you consider that the coffee tastes marginally better than Nescafe Gold Blend, then you begin to understand that one is paying for quality. Pome had recognised me straight away because I look like the photograph of myself that I include on this web site. He expressed surprise, for he had thought that the photograph was just a random strange picture chosen to look 'totally random'.

Then began the interview, which I will relate to you in full later. You see, the postgraduate Kennie Pome has advised me to keep my electronic diary entries shorter and to include more images, because his research has shown that 'web logs' with briefer entries and more pictures are read by more people. Thus I will save my account of the interview for a subsequent entry so as not to overload the reader with excessive verbiage. Furthermore, here is an image of a monkey riding a man riding a horse.


kennie pome said...

It'll be interesting to see Horton's version of our meeting. Looking forward to reading it. (Don't satirize me too much! ;)) Interesting choice of image btw -very postmodern -does this represent how you're feeling at the moment? Competing authors struggling to take control of the narrative? Which one's Horton and which one's the real author of the blog? I'd like to think 'Horton' is the monkey but you never can tell ;).


Once again Mr Pome, I have not got the first idea what you are talking about.

It is an image of a monkey riding a man riding a horse. You can tell it is a monkey because it has a long tail like a monkey and a monkey's cheeky face. I hope that clarifies things for you.

Lord Garfunkel of Ballyesmond said...

That's all very well but who (or what) is riding the monkey? aha!

Wilf said...

I like your picture, Horton. I think I will read this blog again.