Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Treats

As it is Easter Sunday, the day before Easter Monday, and as I am feeling light and gay after my recent triumph, I have given the day over to carefree pursuits such as eating chocolates and decorating hens' eggs.

Today is truly a wonderous one, for today we remember the day, many years ago, when Jesus H. Christ rose from the dead and escaped from his cave by turning into an egg and rolling down a hill or something.

To bring you joy, I will share with you a photograph of an egg which I have decorated in such a way that it looks like Scarlett Johansson in that film where she looks like a boiled egg.


Kennie Pome said...

(See my comment March 26)
Hey 'Horton' ;)
First of all sorry for leaving a comment earlier OOC (out of character (role-playing term!)). I realise you'll want to use the blog features as part of the narrative- in fact this is something I'll be writing about in my dissertation. Sorry - didn't mean to break the fourth wall so to speak.
Tried sending you an email though and you still responded 'in character' as Horton Carew, so I'm left at an impasse. Do I take it you are not interested in repsonding to my interview request (I could pay you £5 per 20 minute interview - the funding guys allow for data-gathering expenses (even for Arts students!))?
Kennie Pome

Kennie Pome said...

Nice egg, btw!
To clarify I'd be interested in discussing some aspects of your engagement with the conventions of postmodernist metafiction - with the 'Author' of this blog (I realise Barthes killed off the Author in 1967 but you know wot I mean! ;)), not an 'in character' interview with 'Horton'.
Sorry for intruding into the narrative and breaking the flow in this way - won't do it again but as I say you left me no choice. We can conduct interviews by email or in person (as I say I;m a student at Abertay at present so live in Dundee so if you (i.e., 'The Author') actually live there too, perhaps we can meet in town somewhere. Let me know what suits.
Kennie Pome

Kennie Pome said...

Btw, to incorporate these comments into Horton's universe, maybe you could use them as part of Horton's narrative! That would be interesting and surprisingly its not something you see to often on blog fiction -shame. Horton engaging with The Author would be interesting to see!
Sorry, will leave you alone now.


I have not the faintest idea what you are talking about.

Wilf said...

kennie Pome sounds like a made up name to me, not like yours, Horton - tread carefully (although £5 for an interview, he makes it VERY tempting...)


Thank you for the advice young Wilf. I had not considered that he might be anything other than that which he claims to be, but that is undeniably a possiblity. He may be one of those internet psychopaths you read about. There is a risk that he may eat me. I will be cautious.