Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Becoming a Sham-Author

I have arranged to meet the postgraduate on Friday in Dundee's Starbucks coffee house for the first of my interviews. If I am to convince him that I am an author and hence earn £5, I must look the part.

I have decided to model my appearance on a selection of famous and respected authors, whose senses of dress and general demeanour I will syncretize to create a whole new persona comprising the very essence of authorial class.

Here are the authors on which I have chosen to model myself (in some cases I was unable to find images of the actual author, so I have been obliged to use lookalikes):

Arfur Conan Doyle

Charles Dickens

Jules Verne

Robert Louis Stevenson

Terry Pratchett


kennie pome said...

Hey 'Horton',
Nice to see you took me up on my offer to incorporate our meeting into Horton's narrative -I like the direction this blog's taking now. Getting confusing though!
See you Friday,
Kennie Pome

Wilf said...

Mr Pome looks like he is easily confused. You could tell him he offered you £10.