Sunday, May 28, 2006


I met with the Japanese scholars at 3am this morning. Together we dug a hole some sixteen feet deep at the spot where I had earlier found an old crisp packet. By 6am we had found nothing. The scholars raged, declaring me a fraud and an enemy of truth, before departing in a quite shameful hissy fit, leaving me to refill the hole alone.

As I was doing this, I discovered a cassette in a plastic holder stuck in a clod of Arbroath's sandy earth, which we had previously overlooked. On the front was a cartoon of a spelunker and the words "Manic Miner". I think this is a clue.

I tried playing the cassette using my walkman device but any secret message to be found is cunningly disguised in high-pitched bleeping and chirruping sounds. This will require more research, but I feel hopeful that this will yield an important clue.

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Stuart Kerrigan said...

Horton old chum, perhaps I can be of help. As you know I am doctor versed in the computational arts.

Manic Miner is an old computer game, harking back to an age where computer data was stored on analogue tape. The sounds you are hearing is the data. For the sake of your hearing I suggest you buy an old Spectrum on E-bay (though given your luck so far, maybe a computer fair is a better idea).