Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grail Clues

Rewatching Disney's Robin Hood last night, I have uncovered what I believe is the first of the clues to the Ustinov grail quest. At the section where the fox Hood is disguised as a stork in order to enter an archery competition, I have noted that if you reverse the point where the fox Marion utters the line "Thank you, my thin legged archer", you can clearly make out "Arbroath Abbey". Either that, or "Arbroath Smokie", though this seems unlikely given that this is a type of delectable smoked haddock.

Committed to following up this obvious lead, I decided I should visit Arbroath Abbey this morning to look for more clues. Arriving there, I discovered it was a ruin and there was no possibility for secret passages. I did find a discarded crisp packet (cream cheese and chive) near the foundations of the eastern wall, but this did little to console me. I approached some Japanese tourists and asked them about the crisp bag, but they were unable to help me.

This is mystifying.

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