Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The First of the Spirits

The first of the spirits promised by Bill Owen has unveiled itself to me. It was none other than Sir Peter Ustinov, or at least, a spirit assuming his form. For reasons best known to itself, it spoke to me using the voice of cravenly animated lion, Prince John, from Disney's Robin Hood, throughout our interaction. That film is well known to me as it rightly depicts Hood as a fox, and Little John as a clothed Baloo.

Sir Peter sat down on my linoleum and proceeded to relate an endless rambling tale that, despite his mellifluous tone and glorious brandy voice, quite bored me. It involved a quest for some sort of grail and various clues to its hidden location that can be found by decoding certain clues concealed in certain films starring Sir Peter. As Bill Owen had told me I was honour-bound to aid any spirit seeking help from me, I promised the ghost that I would make the effort to watch Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981) which starred Ustinov as a Chinee detective, and Blackbeard's Ghost (1968) featuring Ustinov as a spectral pirate.

This apparently satisfied the ghost, who smiled and disappeared, leaving behind a small glass bowl of strawberry Angel's Delight as a tribute. I ate it. It was a little powdery but overall it was reasonably Delighful, though nothing of it gave any hint of the Angelic.

I have not yet worked up the courage to watch these films.

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