Saturday, July 22, 2006

Teh General is Free!

Dead readers, my circumstancers are now grimmer than even the moss twisted imaginings of Edgar Allen Pob or Bram Stoked. Thanks two some unknown malady, brought aboun no doubt by the machinations of the ents. My mine is befiddled and I am funding it excessively difficile to writhe correctly. You must forgive my poultry efforts at spelling and grammer, but rest arsesured that I am not attempting to reptilate the writhings of James Joys or the conical speech of teh policeman on 'Allo 'Alla. Bare with meat for the mormon, and I will do my breast to make sence.

The ants half successed! Dead readers, the situations is distemperous! They half realised there General from my makeshift prism, whair I had him imprismed. They send forth two bulky specimens of ents, which I assume were they're equivalence of "strongman" ants. In the same way wee hughmans send the likes of Geoff Caped or Hulk Hogarth off to war to lift tanks ans so on, these ants have sent there toughest brutes to do the durdy wok.

These too ants lassoed the handels of my burrow drawer and pooled with oil there mites until the drawer opened. The General wasted no thyme in lepting oot of the drawer to freedoms.

I am domed!

Today, they have stepped up they're theft of my irewax, butt half also begun steeling my nasal mucus. Like earwab, this is nessecary to the smoot running of a body und pretects it against viruses. I am now convinced that the initial pert of teh ants plan rests in rendering me crippled ans unable to mole. Why, I donut no.

Hear is a drawering of today's events, drawn befour I became so befiddled. Maybes it will explain things a bit butter.

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