Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Reply

I have written a response to the legal firm in London which accused me of copyright violations. If any of my readership has a grounding in legal jargon, perhaps they could help me revise it before I send it back to them. It is important I achieve the right tone - I wish to appear confident and forthright, and I wish to indicate that it is in the public interest to publish the naked and unvarnished truth about Patrick Bossert's villainy.

I have started off the letter in what I hope is a friendly, informal manner, to get them onside, but then I have switched to a more formal tone:

Wotcher Guvnor,

Ta very much for the letter, like. It's a real swell one. You sound like a really good lawyer, and I wish you well, like.

Now, good sir, to the meat of my missive. I refuse to remove my story of Bossert, and accompanying images used for illustrative purposes. Bossert is an evil fiend and the truth must be told.

What do you say to that, Mr so-called-lawyer-of-so-called-London?

Many thanks,
Horton Carew, who is not fictional thank you very much.

I think it reads rather well. I will attach a .jpg image of a chocolate eclair as a token of good faith.

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