Sunday, January 07, 2007

Grow Your Own Crystals: Day 5

I have omitted discussion of Day 4 because nothing of any note happened in terms of the crystal growth. They entered what I have termed the 'hovering phase' at 14:25 and set themselves a-flyin' around my home, which caused me no small amount of inconvenience and interfered with my television reception, ensuring I missed the second half of Soapstar Superstar.

Today the crystals have been somewhat sluggish once more and seem reluctant to grow further. I consulted the instructions on the packet which suggest that one should add a little food-coloring [sic] around Day 5 to inject a little merriment into the proceedings. Unfortunately, I have no such colouring, but have hit upon an alternative - my own blood. I have made a slit in a likely place and dripped a few drops of my vital fluid into the waiting ramekin where the crystals greedily absorbed it.

The crystals already glow red but periodically emit a high pitched screeching tone that only ceases when more blood is provided.

I foresee no problems here and look forward to tomorrow.

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