Monday, January 29, 2007

Photographic Magnetism

I harbour a suspicion which I will not share with my readers lest I am mistaken and it is later used as evidence to have me committed to a mental institution.

I will, however, reveal that today my suspicion was in some way confirmed. I looked out a treasured photograph of my dear late mother Lavinia Carew (see below).

Gently weeping over her sweet features, I introduced the photograph to the little scottie dog from Monopoly which sits atop my mantel in the corner of my living room. At once, a chilling scream was heard and the dog flew at the photograph, affixing itself firmly to its surface as though magnetically attracted to my mother's two-dimensional likeness.

There it remains still. I cannot remove it without damaging the photograph, an action I am loathe to take for this is the only photograph I have of my mother that is suitable for sharing with others.

I will need to conduct a few more tests before the suspicion I harbour can be undocked.

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Wilf said...

How terribly sweet.