Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wickedness and Stan Brakhage

Hello halfwits!! In this blog entry, I'm not going to use any paragraph breaks and I'm going to write in a small font and use multiple different colours. In case you have forgotten, I am now evil so I am allowed to do this kind of thing. I derive an almost indecent amount of glee at the thought of you halfwits screwing your eyes up in a foolhardy effort to read this entry - because I am evil, I disrespect you so much that I want it to be an unholy chore for you to plough through this blog. You might be beginning to hate me now...GOOD!!! I am evil and thrive on hatred. My dead mother, in the form of the little scottie dog from Monopoly, keeps urging me to be more evil. She says my previous efforts have fallen short of the level of evilness she had hoped for when first she tempted me to eat the crystals of evil. To this end, I paid a trip to Dundee's Art House cinema this afternoon and sat through a Stan Brakhage festival (that man is also evil and does not wish to bring his audience any pleasure). Throughout the various screenings, I ate noisily from a large bag of TORTILLA CHIPS! CruNcHy! lol. The three other people in the audience were thoroughly irked. You might note that I just used the acronym 'lol'. This also derives from my newfound evil nature. I just love to think of my readers being momentarily annoyed because of me. L8R halfwits!!


grumpy old man said...

excuse me old boy, but i cant read the yellow writing on this entry.

you couldn't darken it a tone, there's a chap.

otherwise keep up the good work, the being evil and what have you.


I most certainly will not darken it up for you. I am currently wicked beyond the reckoning of it and am greatly amused by your difficulties in reading my entry.

Bwaah ha ha haaaaaaah!!