Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Absence of Bees

I begin to question the wisdom (or sense) of embarking upon my bee study during winter, when all the bees are dead or hiding.

Flushed with the confidence of early morning, I paraded around my loft waving a pillowcase lined with crystalised ginger in a bid to lure (or coax) some bees into entering the sack, but this was not as successful as I had hoped. Feeling demoralised (or disheartened), I foraged in the back garden, hoping to uncover a stray hive, but again this came to nought.

The low buzzing from the basement (or cellar) tempted me to investigate, but I cannot venture down there because my innate timidity prevents me. That part of the house remains abhorrent to me because of the dark secret (or bloated corpse) that resides there.

I must be positive - tomorrow will bring bees!

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