Saturday, February 25, 2006

Notes on the Bee

Today's inspection of the dead bee reaped two curious revelations. The insect is dead, of that there can be no doubt, yet its sting retains its venom. My swollen, throbbing pinkie pays testament to this fact. This was the first of the revelations.

The second divulged itself as I prodded and squeezed the bee's underbelly, in the hope that a tiny udder might be exposed to corroborate my initial surmise. Unfortunately, no teats are yet apparent, though I am not disappointed because a rather more intriguing theory has presented itself.

On the bee's stomach, a secondary face is observable. It appears to have the structure and expression of a gurning human female, which alarmed as much as it excited me upon discovering it. Its physiognomy is that of Blanche Hunt, Deidre Barlow's irascible and interfering mother from the longrunning British soap Coronation Street. It is beyond my ability to conjecture how such a thing may have evolved, but I would assume it is a rudimentary form of defense.

More thoughts tomorrow.

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