Tuesday, February 07, 2006

again I am fine



Stuart Kerrigan said...

Horton me old chum, glad to hear things are well in Dundee and that your time spent in Leith has allowed you to recover your wits. We must get together for a pint of mayonnaise and a game of tiddleywinks next time I'm up.

dr. anthony gland said...

Ah, Dr. Kerrigan? Of the University of Leicester? Your research on hips is well-known to me. As a computer whizz, perhaps you could tell me how I might rid my Labiatae! computer of this "Labiatae" virus that I seem to have picked up! (see earlier comments)


We are unable to contact Horton at the moment - I had no idea you knew him!

Professor Jessica Flitey said...

Coincidentally, I am also aware of Dr. Kerrigan's work, but am more familiar with his 'unofficial' publications.

Dr. Kerrigan, we move in the same circles, you and I. I believe we met at the Tingfang Conference in Harrogate, where I greatly enjoyed your paper "Digital Demonology: Raising Devils Through MSN".

What is your involvement with the Carew case may I ask? Are you genuinely a personal friend of Mr. Carew?

Stuart Kerrigan said...

Horton and I are old chums from the Tiddleywinks Society at the Railway Station club on the Hawkhill.

More than that I am not at liberty to divulge for the sake of Horton's privacy.

Can't you academics leave the poor man in peace?

Dr Gland - I suggest buying a copy of Norton's Anti-Virus (Hellfire edition, not Professional or Student edition). In addition to this apply ginseng and mandrake to the DVD before inserting it into the caddy to install. Instead of watching the installation bar I suggest wearing some curtains and dancing around your computer chanting, "Eataibal! Eataibal! Eataibal!" until installation is successful.

Dr. Anthony Gland said...

Dr. Kerrigan, I confess that I am disappointed in you. You are a man of science and logic! To entertain such Labiatae! 'mystic' tomfoolery is ludicrous. You have lost my respect.

Professor Jessica Flitey said...

Dr. Gland, you have betrayed your ignorance once again. Yes, Dr. Kerrigan embraces the doctrines of science and empiricism, but he is also open to the world of the supernatural. This is admirable.

Norton Antivirus (Hellfire Edition) is not widely available outside specialist circles. I will happily lend you a copy.