Thursday, February 09, 2006

.... . / .... ._ ... / _ _ .
... . _. _.. / .... . _ _ _ _ ..... _ _ _ _ _ _ .


Stuart Kerrigan said...

Profoundly moving.

dr. anthony gland said...

I think this may be a code - another game that Horton likes to play! Labiatae! It doesn't appear to be morse code, however.

Professor Jessica Flitey said...

This is a most interesting development. If I am correct, the code is a Sumarian Shaman's glottal chant adapted for text, and reads "Cloud spore Nixon filch", which no doubt forms a further enigma to be solved.

I'll get a couple of postgrads to work on this at once.

Horton Carew said...

Good morning my friends. I am warmed by the thought that you have each been reading this diary, and have been so deeply concerned with my well-being.

I have no memory of writing the code, but I see at once it is 1830s Railroad Morse, which I taught myself some years ago during the dry season.

It reads: "He has me. Send Help!"

I assume that I wrote this at some moment of desperation, when I hoped someone who knew this archaic code might stumble upon my diary and come to my aid.